Tamweek 82

Stacks of books


week eight... eggs.

admittedly tam… this didn’t quite eventuate as I had imagined! Having always been know for my ‘super builder’s moll’ paper mache… I can see now that the rumours are true! It was super difficult to even push the needle through (tip, don’t dry it out too much before you stitch! AND use a doll making needle!)… so, as I did neither… my chain link stitches, turned into mere mark making! My intention was pure nonetheless!
getting ready to drive out into the desert… frost looking none too friendly as I prepare for a week of swagging it… taking a balaclava… funny thought, family of four in balaclavas waking up in their iced over swags around the dead coals of last nights fire! stay warm!!! a. xxx

tam week 7


Falling into circles – helpful when my belt fell apart – because now I had a new material to play with!

I love your comments in your last post “Come to rely on my weekly work to turn me inwards, away from my ‘outer working needs..

Amending really is a challenge and a problem solving – I really have still a long way stretch to take risk and go with the flow of finding answers.  So good for me.  Often I am in a rut doing the same thing because it works & I am time poor.

Tell me about week 7 – what dimensions are these works? What sort of paper?

Would be great to see a little video of making the works on the blog … maybe next time!

week 7

I realise how I have come to rely on my weekly work to turn me inwards, away from my ‘outer working needs’… it forms a need of it’s own… a purpose… it’s an interesting thing… the justification of artmaking and the validation of the product.But here it is… the validity of a morning spent crafting in response to the deep wintery-ness of my state… and subject! FIREWOOD! it fills our days and our living room… that and it’s by product of constant mess and cleaning, attentiveness and diligence… all the things I need to address within myself really!

Staying with the paperfolding theme… I thought we nearly broke it last week???? I still havn’t been cajoled into drawing though tam!

ooroo…. anna.


week 6 circle thing

I have delayed over gastro, tonsilitis… and a bizarre technical glitch that wouldn’t let me upload my pics while my laptop wasn’t plugged into the power socket… hmmmm…. home now, son sleeping soundly, helped by penecilin and bed rest… and everything is behaving as it should… back in it’s safe space of home!!!

tj week 6

This week an old hinge caught my eye in my garden, reflecting Anna’s web work.  From there Week 6 became – made from cardboard from a packet of sockings I purchased for work and some tissue paper from a shoe box!

week 5 again

I’ve stayed outside for my inspiration this week (hmmm… or perhaps I spend a lot of time looking out the window?)… and my discipline for ‘taking inspiration from tam’s previous week’s work’ needs a little bit of attention! I vowed to myself that there would be an obvious correlation between our works… alas, what I intentionally set out to do, and what ended up… are very separate objects… although they have the same ‘webby’ concept linking them… anyway… here tis… next time I will show more discipline! a. xxx

Tamara, week five

Wood taken from Anna Week 4 and packaging – I hadn’t brought these biscuits for a number of years and just loved their packaging


week four


I have reverted back to my safety zone of stitch on fabric… tams’ bathmat and running stitch prompted this digression! On wednesday night, I realised that all I had to show for this week’s work after a hectic week of work and sickness in the house, were the patches I applied to my son’s jeans… the next pair weren’t so lucky, and got the snip! and a bit of embellishment! I realise that as the days grow shorter and the mornings dark… I am desperately looking outward… farewelling all the dwindling autumn leaves… barely even clinging now… and looking for the fading colours in the landscape outside my front door… readying for the winter proper!