week 11


I’ve been running on school holiday schedule… as I know i’ve mentioned… but the last week of the holidays has been super special for me.. kids packed off to their baba’s for the week, I hopped a plane to sydney… and a train down the south coast line to ‘sunny’ port kembla!!! Doesn’t really sound like a holiday destination for most… but what followed was 5 days of sunshine, 1950’s macedonian architecture sprawling under ancient cliff faces… walks along stunning beaches… next to effluent pipes from the hardworking BHP steel works… somehow that all seemed ok… next to my oldest dear buddy and her beautiful first newborn!!

So, following on with the soft circular theme from Tam’s week ten work… I looked for circles in the landscape… this picture, taken from my temporary bedroom, is of the BHP ‘mordor’ on the left, belching steam and burning off methane gases sporadically… and to the east… the soft curve of the Kembla Port… container ships shuffling in and out.

Manufacturing… our reliance on it, how we prefer not to see the process… and the affect on our sensibility and sensitive ecology… talk of the whale migration travelling up that coastline over winter… I imagined the spike of toxicity in this bay as floating mines in wartime… led me to attempt to make a sea mine… in a ROUND about way!!!

Still working my way through that old pair of denim jeans!!